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Mr. Alec Allen and Dr. Papolos

Mr. Alec Allen and Dr. Papolos converse at the event. Dr. Jack Mawdsley, Mr. Pat Garrett, Mrs. Abbey Green. Mrs. Barbara Johnson joins Dr. Melvin Johnson and Mrs. Bonnie Colquhoun.

Mrs. Jill Wise, Mr. Sidney Adams, Jr., Dr. A.J. Jones, and Dr. Ed Haring.
Dr. Diane Colquhoun and her father-in-law, Dr. Graham Colquhoun. Dr. Jerry Young, Dr. Carolyn Timmons, Dr. Jim Timmons, and Mrs. Kristin Sims.

Dr. Peter Mitchell and his wife enjoy the evening's forum.
Mr. John Bromley, Mr. John Gallagher and Dr. Tim White enjoy the evening's forum. Dr. Papolos also presented in the afternoon to educators and school counselors.

Speaker: Dr. Dimitri Papolos, May 2004 Health Care Leadership Forum.

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